Saturday 8:00pm - Breakfast Roundtable, Best Practices in Investing for Nonprofits

Joyce Mary Tania Matz is a Registered Financial Consultant for Linsco Private Ledger Inc. (LPL) who has been involved in asset management and general finance since 2001. Her investment philosophy revolves around encouraging her clients to follow their dreams.

Tania earned her B.S. degree in early child development, business, and Montessori. She holds the designation of Registered Financial Advisor and is working toward her financial charter license. Tania has advised a variety of educational groups, along with the Association Of Catholic Women Inc., General Motors, and the United States Postal Service. Other organizations Mrs. Matz has been affiliated with include the Lansing Postal Community Credit Unions, St. Cornelius and Cyprian Financial Counsel, and the Food Bank.

Tania was born in Sri-Lanka and raised in the United States. She now lives in Leslie, Michigan, where she enjoys an active lifestyle that revolves around her passions for gardening and learning. Tania enjoys spending time with her family in St Joseph, Michigan and Chicago, Illinois.