ACHS and WII are pleased to announce that all inducted student members of the ACHS societies will be awarded a $500 merit-based scholarship for the ACHS/WII Washington Internship Program. 

Colleges and universities have several choices among internship programs in Washington, DC, and each program has its virtues.  In designing the WII programs we have made every effort to provide a quality internship program that would meet accreditation standards and provide powerful learning experiences for students. Our program is carefully designed to provide college sophomores, juniors, seniors, recent graduates, and graduate students from the U.S. and abroad with practical, hands-on experience and academically rigorous courses emphasizing public service, leadership, and professional development.

There are several reasons for WII's success.

Our commitment to creating a community of active citizens  through our emphasis on public service, leadership and professional development.

Our comprehensive approach. WII's programs combine practical, real and challenging internship experiences; stimulating and rigorous academic coursework; co-curricular activities including networking opportunities, community service projects, and events featuring distinguished guest speakers; convenient housing; and guidance and support from WII's staff.

Our personal attention to your interests and desired career path. After acceptance into our academic internship program, your WII internship advisor will guide you through the process of securing a placement by helping you gather application materials and by contacting possible placements on your behalf. Since 1990, we have worked with thousands of offices around town.

Our professional development opportunities. With more than 2500 alumni, we have an extensive network within DC, around the US and in many other parts of the world. WII's professional mentoring program connects our interns with area alumni and other professionals who share their interests. Additionally, each student completes a professional portfolio in their internship seminar to showcase completed work from the semester.

Our commitment to academic quality. WII requires all academic internship participants to take two courses, an internship seminar and a core course based on the track you choose. Our faculty includes top policy professionals and leading academics who guide you in examining policy issues and utilize their extensive academic and professional connections to enrich courses with a variety of notable guest speakers and site visits.
Our strong international focus. To help develop active global citizens, WII encourages diversity in our classrooms and the examination of issues on a global level. We have custom-designed immersion seminars for groups of international students.  International students make up a significant portion of our student body. 

We would like to send the announcement of the ACHS/WII scholarship and the WII materials to your on-campus chapters so that the staff and faculty will make the students aware of this excellent opportunity.  If you would like to distribute the WII materials, we will send you the number of brochures and/or packets you need.  Or, you may send us your chapter addresses and WII will send out the materials (Excel files are preferred).  Please contact WII DC at: info@wiidc.org  or  202-833-8580 or 800-435-0770, if you have any questions.  We look forward to hearing from you and working with your students.

Link to WII: www.wiidc.org